THE pepper EXPRESS: Golden Gate Park - Windmill & Tulips

Monday, August 3, 2015

Golden Gate Park - Windmill & Tulips

Last month we spent a very long day in Golden Gate Park and we were only able to see maybe thirty percent of the park. After having a picnic in the Shakespeare Garden and enjoy the Flower Pianos at the Botanical Garden we found the buffalo roaming and then headed over to the large windmills which you can see from the beach. My husband proposed to me near by at the Cliff House and I have always been very fond of this area of San Francisco. When ever I drive on the Great Highway along the beach, I could always see the adorable Dutch windmill poking out above Golden Gate Park. It was such a delight to finally be able to walk up and visit the tulip garden:
The garden had a very colorful courtyard in which we ran around playing before we walked down to the beach:
Of course my husband spends the most of his time reading the plaques and signs. I let him take the time to appreciate these things while I run after the kids and keep them tame. Later I usually ask him about the specifics. He is my Mr. Jeopardy. 
This photo is very dear to me. It is very hard to take a family photo. We had Carlie's friend Lexie take this photo of our family. Plus we had an extra family member right there in the front. Ashlyn is Carlie and Dean's sister from their mother. She is the cutest! And is very compatible with our family. She calls Solin her sister...  we just love her. 
A couple times Solin wanted to pick the flowers. But I told her "No no" 
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