THE pepper EXPRESS: Gilroy Gardens

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gilroy Gardens

Growing up in Southern California I had always heard of the Gilroy Garlic festival but never actually took the time to drive to Santa Clara County and enjoy the aroma of the garlic fields. A few weeks ago we commuted to Gilroy to visit the amusement park: Gilroy Gardens. The drive up there was very scenic. There were fruit stands and garlic fields all around. When I rolled down my window the smell of garlic was very prominent and the kids yelled from the back of the car "please please roll up the windows" hehe. Once we arrived at the park we lathered ourselves with spf and headed to the swan lake:
As we were standing in line and getting our life vest I was hoping and praying to get a swan...
We paddled with the duck instead... he was pretty cute anyways. We named him Gilbert.
Walking through the botanical gardens we found a carousel. I picked up Solin and ran to the front of the line... so excited because she had never seen a carousel before:
This was her very first ride on a carousel:
Our next stop was the train station.
We stood in line for a while waiting for them to add a second train. Which allowed our wait time to increase :( So how do you keep a baby and a teenager busy waiting in line... you take photo booth like selfies over and over again:
I was tempted to keep playing to win that garlic stuffed animal.
We forgot to bring our bathing suits. That will be on our checklist for our next trip.
The kids ran around crazy in the maze. Both Dean and Carlie completed the maze twice before we were even half way done:
The rides were fun, however, I really wanted to view all of the gardens and circus trees I had heard so much about. We stumbled across this water fall amidst the gardens and the kids had a blast running underneath it:
One thing that I love about Gilroy Gardens is the food. They had a Mexican Food restaurant with vegetarian options that fit our family needs!
The butterfly exhibit is always Carlie's favorite:
Solin is a little obsessed with her shadow these days. She even threw a fit because it was following her:
When swings are involved I must ride them. Solin was to small and Dean is afraid of heights so they stayed behind. Rj, Carlie and I waited in line to ride the swings THREE times!
Garlic Fries are required when you go... Solin's little fingers agree:
By the way did you know that 100% of the artichokes sold in the US are grown in California and 75% in the Monterey County! Just a fun fact we read while waiting in line for the Artichoke Cruisers:
I was so happy to finally be in gilroy Gardens and to walk under that magnificent tree!
Even Dean approved of the Gardens:
Gilroy Gardens Home of the Circus Trees! Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park is California's only horticulture-themed amusement park. Ideal for families and garden lovers, Gilroy Gardens features over 40 rides, attractions and majestic gardens and the world famous Circus Trees...If you want to come and visit...
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