THE pepper EXPRESS: Climbing Around Union Square - San Francisco

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Climbing Around Union Square - San Francisco

Commuting into San Francisco can be hard. We have endured our share of horrifying traffic from time to time. There are a couple options to get into the city. You can pay $5 and cross the Bay Bridge which is new and improved. However, if google maps tells you there is a three hour delay you can go around the bay and cross the Golden Gate Bridge. I like crossing the Golden Gate Bridge because there is no stoppin for the toll. They scan your license plate and send you the $5 bill in the mail! Another option is to go South of the Bay and cross the San Mateo Bridge which also has a $5 toll and always seems like a longer commute. I believe that the best option out of all of the bridges is to always, always take the BART. Although I had an unfortunate incident a couple months ago and BART was not the best option, but you can read about that here
This specific day we decided to drive in to the city. We had a wonderful stop at the ModCloth Fit Shop near Union Square and decided to have a delicious lunch at BUN Mee. We found the perfect parking spot. Right in front of the ModCloth Fit Shop and because it was a Saturday the parking meter said it was free.  Supposedly FREE! After walking around Union Square and letting Solin climb around the steps we came back to our car to receive a horrible ugly PARKING Ticket! It was so ugly that me and my husband sat there for a couple minutes letting our ignorance sink in. Once we got in the car we still didn't understand what went wrong. We checked, we confirmed, we thought we were in the clear. But some how and some way we were not! These photos were before our Parking Ticket fiasco. When we were in complete bliss, enjoying our city life:
That face below is Solin's mean face. She makes that face when she doesn't want to listen. This face usually follows with a big "NO!"
But then she smiles like this and melts my heart:
Do you have any favorite spots to visit in San Francisco?
ps: my sandals are from here and Solin's romper is old from Gymboree
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