THE pepper EXPRESS: Bun Mee - San Francisco

Monday, August 17, 2015

Bun Mee - San Francisco

While I was in town visiting the Modcloth Fit Shop in San Francisco a friend recommended to eat at Bun Mee for lunch. We wanted something for my vegetarian husband to eat and also a place that had a nice atmosphere for our little one. The Modcloth Fit Shop was just around the corner from Market Street so it was merely a four minute walk around the corner to this amazing sandwich eatery. I had heard rave reviews on their Grilled Lemongrass Port Sandwich, so I already had that in mind. My husband was set on the Smokey Eggplant. And Solin... she just wanted fries... like always.
Once you walk into the eatery the restaurant has a unique view. The light bulbs hanging from the wires created a mobile for Solin to stare at while we waited in line for our order:
This is what our table looked like before Solin was able to traumatize it.:
And the aftershock:
She was able to take out every chop stick from the coffee can holder.... and then she continued to play with them as if they were drumsticks. 
Interesting idea to decorate a glass door for the bathroom:
What we ordered:
The Grilled Lemongrass Pork Sandwich and Smokey Eggplant were required. But the Siracha Grilled Corn and Chilli Fries were a Happy Hour special that I was willing to try out. Each item was five dollars if you ordered during their happy hour time limit:
The Grilled Lemongrass Pork Sandwich came with pickled carrots and daikon. And remember the sign "All sandwiches come with hot jalapeno peppers. Unless you're a sissie!" and I am not a SISSIE!
Bun Mee is officially one of my new favorite places to eat in San Francisco. If you would like to check out my Travel Guide on Mode you can view my other favorites in San Francisco HERE!
What sandwich are you willing to try at Bun Mee?
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