THE pepper EXPRESS: We Went to the Animal Fair

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We Went to the Animal Fair

The California State Fair to be exact. I feel like it was an animal fair. We showed up before the gates opened because we knew it was going to be a hot one. However there was already a swarm of people gathering. I was excited to see the CALIFORNIA sign at the front gates because this is the exact sign that was in the Disneyland Courtyard years before. When ever I visit Disneyland I am sad that it's not there anymore. But the donation adds a spectacular view upon entering the fair.
Our tickets came with a coupon book and a all day pass to ride the monorail:
Solin is such a dare devil that she loved pocking her head out the window. I had to hold on to her as much as I could.
We arrived so early that the rides were not operating:
A couple years back when I was in Montana, I was introduced to a delicious beer called Leinenkugels and I could never find it anywhere in California. Four years later and they have their own booth at the California State Fair!
Solin has a new love for playgrounds. We just need to always test the slide to see if it is hot.
When we ask her what does a chicken say... she says "bawk ba ba bawk!" It makes me laugh every time!
Here is an example of Solin saying "Hot!" It was a metal tractor and she wanted to ride it!
I kinda fell in love with that Donkey:
We didn't have Carlie with us but we had to pay tribute to the horses at cal Expo:
Nap time was necessary:
While the baby was sleeping we were able to enjoy some quite exhibits:
Solin made a fuss when she woke up. I was able to calm her by letting her touch the art installation... which was ok... by the way!
We took a break near the Center Stage and Solin was our little entertainer:
We don't have stairs at our house. So when ever we are around them she climbs them immediately. Anywhere we go, stairs are like a Solin magnet:
I was too afraid to let her be by herself:
The food promenade was my favorite. We had corn on the cob and I found the falafel station:
Do you live in California? Are you looking forward to the State Fair?

P.S. my dress is from: Old Navy / shoes: Salt Water Sandals 
Solin's romper is from: Old Navy and you can find her shoe here!
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