THE pepper EXPRESS: Shakespeare Garden

Monday, July 27, 2015

Shakespeare Garden

Our family traveled into San Francisco last week to take on a beautiful adventure in Golden Gate Park. We started with a van full of seven people. The commute was full of traffic and ugly bridge tolls. But we made it. Our first stop was the Shakespeare Garden in the center of the park. There was some beautiful shade and a perfect court yard to plant our picnic blanket. Solin was even entertained while watching a yoga class stretch:
We made sandwiches and created a fun picnic for everyone to graze and eat while we enjoyed the beautiful blue sky in San Francisco... which is a rarity in itself!
Solin is at the toddler stage where she likes to climb on things. Even when her adorable dresses get in the way. She some how makes it up:
Big sister and little sister are twinning:
Shakespear Garden was a very teeny tiny part of Golden Gate Park. It was perfect for an intimate and quiet picnic for our family and friends.
After our lunch we headed over to the San Francisco Botanical Garden. I have so many photos to share with you... but you will just have to wait until I get them ready :)
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