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Friday, July 10, 2015

Pepper's Picks

When on vacation I love spending the day at the beach and then usually once the sun sets we like to unwind at local restaurant or hot spot. Transitioning from beach to bar is pretty casual when you are vacation. I think these picks would be perfect for hanging out in the sand and then jumping into a simple midi dress that allows you to be comfortable and chic:

Pepper's Picks

NARS White Nail Polish- When I wear white nail polish I love how it makes my fare skin look more tan. But then I can't help think that it looks like I am putting white-out on my  toes! 
Turkish Beach Towel- These towels are perfect for a beach day. They dry so fast and you can use them as a sarong or even a scarf!
Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses- I need a pair of prescription sunglasses. Because eye contacts and the beach do not mix well
Madewell Straw Hat- This hat was made very well... no pun intended. My toddler has smashed this hat several times and the hat still stays in the same shape!
Topshop Midi Dress- Wearing a midi dress is beyond comfortable when you are going out to a club or even if its dinner at a nice restaurant. 

J Crew White Shirt- Trying to find a pristine white shirt is hard. I found this one from J Crew and it is perfect to wear over that grey midi dress!

J Crew graphic tee- Watching the sunset while wearing this shirt would be perfect!
J Crew Swim Suit- I really like how this swim suit has a nice rash guard that you can wear under wetsuit
Madewell Boy Shorts- ripped jeans only complete the beachy feel of this outfit
Black Salt-Water Sandals- I want these comfortable sandals in every color. I wore my camel colored Salt Waters right out of the box and they were soo comfortable 
Women's Solid Tote Handbag- There are soo may tote bags out there. I like how this one is affordable and chic!
Tarte Waterproof  Concealer- This concealer is waterproof and is great for those touch ups from the beach to the bar
Lord Berry Waterproof Lengthening Mascara- I prefer to wear waterproof mascara when I know I am going to be in the water
Anastasia Beverly Hills summer makeup- This color gloss would be great for your cheeks or your lips!

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