THE pepper EXPRESS: Orphan Breakfast House in Sacramento

Monday, July 13, 2015

Orphan Breakfast House in Sacramento

I read the warnings and many seasoned mothers had told me that once you have a baby you will not go out to eat again. I am always out to prove them wrong. But this past Sunday I wanted to hide in a corner and pull my hair out. We took a nice drive into Sacramento and found a quaint breakfast house called ORPHAN. I was very impressed with their menu. Everything from Rosemary potatoes to Cinnamon French Toast had my mouth watering. We arrived around 8 am and there was already a nice crowd. The Sunday morning rush was apparent but we decided to go in and enjoy ourselves:
My lovely little Solin decided she didn't want to sit in her high chair and she wanted to sit on the booth with me:
I tried their medium roast and was entranced by the delicious flavors made in their Italian Drip Bar:
When I started to pour my coffee that's when Solin started to be stubborn. Because she wanted to poor the cream and she wanted to pour the sugar into my coffee... but mommy said 'No!' and she started her tantrum there.
Daddy took her outside :( and mommy was able to pour her cream:
After cooling down for a few minutes Solin was still not interested in sitting in her high chair so she resumed her position on my lap.... (this is when I should have put my foot down... but I am a first time mommy and I still don't know what I'm doing)
You can clearly see in the  photo above that Solin was poking my French Toast with my coffee stick! Other than that the French Toast was delicious:
Daddy was able to reason with Solin. She was placed into her high chair under one condition... she had to have a water cup!?! And in her hand she went...
She also thought she would assume financial responsibility and pay for the meal herself:
ORPHAN ladies and gentlemen was the most hospitable restaurant I could think of who would take on a one year old and let her be. I was mortified of course. But our waitress was beyond humble and that is what I appreciated most. 
I am learning each and everyday on how fun it is to have a toddler. Tomorrow is a new day... I wonder what I will conquer then.
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