THE pepper EXPRESS: Fruit Flies & Book Worms

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fruit Flies & Book Worms

Last week we went to the library in my hometown of Lodi, CA. It was a family date night that also included the Downtown Farmers Market. The weather was perfect and the kids were on their best behaviors. I was quite impressed. We found some books at the library and let Solin run around through out all of the book shelves. She even started to use her outside voice, which we tried teaching her about inside voices... and that didn't go far. So we ventured down the street to the lovely Lodi's Farmers Market where the produce looks like this:  
And the LOCKEFORD Sausages look and taste AMAZING:
The flower bouquets are required:
We found a new coffee shop in downtown called 'School Grounds' which is quite puny! Since the coffee shop is located on school street and they have coffee grounds... oh dear maybe its just local humor!
My favorite treat from the Farmers Market will always be the meringue from The Dancing Fox!
He is a good catch and such a good daddy to the little ones:
it was a good night to remember

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