THE pepper EXPRESS: Flower Piano - Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flower Piano - Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

When I received an email update about the Flower Piano Exhibit at the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park I quickly moved my schedule around to accommodate one of my biggest dreams to play a piano there. Flower Piano is an exhibit that can be enjoyed by all ages. It was created by the musician Mauro ffortissimo and San Francisco filmmaker Dean Mermell and is part of their Sunset Piano installments. Sunset Piano places pianos in unexpected settings all across the Bay Area. Sometimes you can find them upon the coastline or even in random neighborhoods! I couldn't miss this opportunity and we took the entire family with us plus Carlie and Dean's sister Ashlyn and our family friend Lexie:
It is a rare occasion to have the sun beaming on you while you are in San Francisco. We prepared by bringing many layers. Our summer dresses fit perfectly along with the goose meadow theme :)
Mother Daughter Duet:
Carlie was teaching Ashlyn how to play the piano when Solin had to chime in and show her how it's done. 
My little Beethoven:
This man started playing one of my favorites from The Phantom of the Opera. I was in awe!
And of course we had to enjoy the Botanical Garden too:
We were a crazy group. We made our sandwiches and brought along a lot of snacks to carry. Since the sun was out we also had a lot of water for all seven of us!
This was my favorite location of the pianos. Because there was a gorgeous reflection in the pond. I waited very patiently for my turn. However, the lady continued to play. I wasn't going to rush her. She sounded beautiful anyways.
Finally i was able to place my hands on a gorgeous piano and I had it to myself. Until a crowd accumulated and my stage fright was prominent: 
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