THE pepper EXPRESS: Dear Solin,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dear Solin,

Last night you were able to climb up on the slide all by your self and slide down with the silliest look on your face. You love the thrill and you have no fear. As you were sliding down that slide that was taller than you...I stood back and watched a toddler... not my baby. A full blown toddler.That's what  you are. Even though you are fifteen months old; you are stubborn like you are going through your terrible twos. Your favorite word is 'No!' You love wearing your shoes around the house. You know that its summer because the sidewalk is 'Hot!' You point to the cats and call them 'Cat' you point to the ducks and call them 'Duck' but when you see a chihuahua or small dog you still call them 'Cat!' I love it when I come home for lunch and you run down the hallway yelling "MaMaMaMaMa!" Sometimes you get so excited you call me Mommy. You are jealous when I hug your daddy, or if i get attention from anyone else. You think you're hilarious when you take a sip of water and spit it out. You can eat about three bananas if you wanted to. But your favorite snack is string cheese.... shhh.... don't tell daddy!
You are still my baby. Even though your chubby neck is getting longer and your feet are getting wider. You still snuggle into my arms and request for me to cradle you. You hate wearing bows, But if I put that bow on your head enough times... sometimes you forget:
Love you my little So
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