THE pepper EXPRESS: July 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

Baby Adventures in Lodi

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When ever we get the chance to drive to my home town of Lodi, CA we take it. It just so happened that my very good friend Sandi came home from France and we had to go Downtown and have lunch at the local brewery. I packed the diaper bag and extra clothes to prepare Solin for the day. However, Solin didn't care about what was in her diaper bag she just wanted to take her new puppy with her. We received a CloudPet™ in the mail recently and Solin is obsessed. He is an adorably soft doggie that says 'woof woof'... at least thats what Solin says and his name is Harvey. We found him online at Walmart, plus you can find him at select stores on their pallet displays. You only need three AA batteries and there is a parental controlled app that you can download and use to connect with family and relatives who live far away. (Here is how it works)  I knew Harvey was perfect for Solin because my mother (her Grandmother) lives in Montana and wishes she could be with Solin every day. The only way we can usually connect is by social media or phone calls every now and then. Since Solin has an emotional connection with the CloudPet™ she now takes him everywhere:
We took a short drive up to Lodi and found our friend Sandi who tried to walk with Solin. But she was pretty tired and decided to throw a little fit along the way:
Once we were in the restaurant Solin and Harvey began to settle in:
One of my favorite things to order off of the menu is the Root Beer:
You must order the New Orleans Cajun Burger... WOW... it was incredible:
I let Solin down in the restaurant and when I tried to pick her up... I split the back of my dress :( Naturally we ran to the bathroom to take selfies with Solin to document the catastrophe:
Right after we received the check, Solin started throwing a tantrum so I took her outside for some fresh air and she found a penny:
Penny for your thoughts:
She is at that toddler stage where she is crazy about mirrors:
She didn't want to hold my hand... she is stubborn and most of all very independent. And she is only sixteen months old.
We walked over to School Grounds because I wanted to introduce this adorable coffee shop to Sandi.
And Solin and Harvey made themselves at home:
School Grounds is a great coffee shop that also serves Gelato:
They also serve my favorite... a Macchiato:
She practically ate all of my gelato:
After dessert we decided to walk around downtown and window shop. Thats what we did since all of Downtown is closed on Sundays:
We had such a wonderful day out with Solin and Sandi. I would love to hear how you would use your CloudPets™!

Sangria Popsicles

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SipSmarter #CollectiveBias
You should consult your physician before consuming Fre if you are pregnant or have any health concerns regarding alcohol.
I have a few summer parties coming up in August and I wanted to share with you an awesome deliquid... which I have learned means: delicious liquid?! I'm new to this Urban Dictionary language, but when I hear my friends saying it I usually end up googling the word or asking what it means. Anyways deliquid is the word of the  day. And my deliquid of choice is usually a Sangria. When I went to Safeway the other day I was shopping for a nice Chardonnay and I found Fre Alcohol-Removed wine! This was an eye catcher for me because I am on the opposed weaning end of breastfeeding my daughter. I have been craving a delicious crisp wine and this specific Chardonnay was right up my alley. I grabbed some strawberries and sparkling water while I was at the grocery store and new right then that I was going to make a Sangria. 
I also grabbed a delicious sparkling Brut from Fre Alcohol-Removed wines. Another wine worth celebrating over:
I cut up the Strawberries into slices so they can fit into any size cup:
Then I place the sliced strawberries in my pitcher but leave some strawberries for garnish:
Grab two cans of sparkling water. I like to use berry flavored sparkling water:
Empty the entire contents of the Chardonnay into you sangria pitcher:
I like to let the concoction marinate for a couple minutes before I make my sangrias. 
While I was letting my sangria sit. I grabbed my popsicle molds and decided to try a new recipe with my sangria mix.
I poured half of the pitcher into the molds:
And saved the other half to drink while the molds freeze... this was a logical decision.
Don't make to much of mess when pouring into your molds. You will want to freeze your popsicles overnight or for over four hours.
 I shared how I sip smarter. What would you pair with Fre wine?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Accessory Roundup

Check out Accessory Roundup
by Jenn Whiteman at Mode

Refreshing Refreshers

Consideration was provided by Starbucks
I invited two of my best friends over this past weekend to get ahead on our baby shower planning. Since I am hosting my best friends baby shower we have a set schedule and a checklist to continue. But before we started crafting I wanted to make a delicious drink for all of us to enjoy. While we were outside basking in the afternoon sun, I brought out my three favorite flavors of the Starbucks Refreshers. Honestly my favorite is the Strawberry Lemonade and I was trying to hide that one in the background so I could keep it for myself. However, my friend had a great idea for all of us to try the different flavors. 
I popped open my favor flavor first and we were all able to enjoy a refreshing treat:
I know this is going to sound a little selfish. But I ended up making my own personal Refresher with my own cup...
With a revitalizing blend of sparkling fruit juices, b vitamins and ginseng, Starbucks RefreshersTM has all the goodness you need to get the most out of today.

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