THE pepper EXPRESS: Whole30 and a Burrito

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Whole30 and a Burrito

One week... that's how long I made it on the Whole30 challenge. My breaking point was a home made chocolate chip cookie. And the first bite was not worth it... because it didn't live up to my standards... but that second and third bite was delicious! I must say the cookie would have tasted even better if there was walnuts in there somewhere. But this chocolate chip cookie had opened a door that I shouldn't have opened.
I have this best friend who is very encouraging on this Whole30 challenge... although sometimes she likes to walk by my desk at work and waft a breakfast burrito in my face... not fair! So out of spite I walked into her office when she wasn't around and found her delicious burrito sitting on a plate. Perfectly angled to be presented... and I took a huge bite out of spite. Yes I did. Maybe it was the older sister in me but I wanted to teach her a lesson on wafting burritos in my face. Yea no one gets away when they waft burritos in my face. I enjoyed every second of the potatoes, chorizo and eggs! It was just what I wanted. In all my glee I left a cute little post-it proclaiming my glory and left the burrito on its perfect little plate... but not like it was before... nope... there was a humongous chunk missing and I was the guilty one. I walked back to my desk to continue my day.
Twenty minutes later my District Manager walks up to my desk with a stern look on her face and says "Did you eat my burrito?" My face flashed with total embarrassment. I could not hide the humiliation if I wanted to. I was guilty and all the evidence pointed straight to me. I confessed and explained that I thought it was my best friend's burrito. However, that wasn't good enough for my hungry manager, she was hangry and didn't have a breakfast burrito to eat. And it was all my fault.
See what happens when you dive off of your Whole30 challenge...nothing good happens!
Ladies and gentlemen stay on goal and don't stray from your whole food rules. Your 30 day challenge is so worth it in the end. I just had to learn the hard way. 
Needless to say I had to start over :(
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