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Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's in my bag?

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I have actually never done a post like this before. What's in my bag? I am actually scared to share this with you because I feel like a hoarder when it comes to my tote bags. I am always afraid to buy a really nice expensive bag because I know that I don't treat my bags with the best care. So I know I usually need an easy tote to carry my life in. And the cluttered pictures below are my life. I never know what kind of situation I will be in. So I will take everything I can. Sometimes I will go to my neighborhood Walgreens just to get a few necessities and I come out with a variety of candy I didn't even need. The other day I walked into Walgreens to buy some U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners. because you know 'I needed them!' Not only was it PMS season but I was also craving something sweet and salty. After walking around the store for a good 30 minutes I looked into my cart and realized that I had basically picked up the entire candy aisle and I needed to put something back. I feel embarrassed when I get a male associate at the cash register because when I have him ring up my panty liners and tampons with ice cream and chocolate; I feel like I should crawl into a whole and assume the fetal position. But you know what Mister at the check out stand, Thank you for asking me about my day and thank you for being a generous kind person who also recommended pain relievers in aisle 3. We need more gracious people out there who understand that once a month those period symptoms arise and it is not a bad thing.  
Here are the contents of my tote:
Pens: because you never know when you will need a permanent marker to sign a card or write on a bathroom wall.. (Just kidding, I don't do that)
Body Lotion and SPF: because you never know if your are going to be out in the sun for to long.
Eye concealer: this is my life savor. My makeup go to every day.
Perfume: I always have a small tester vile with me just in case.
My Cycle Survival Kit: everything me or my daughter need just in case Aunt Flo comes and visits.
Lip stick and lip balm: you need the color and the protection
Sunglasses: to protect my beautiful blue eyes from those harsh UV rays.
Phone Charger: This is definitely required and it was and easy find at the Walgreens check out stand.
Wallet and keys: the basic prerequisites. 
Gum and Snacks: because I needed them!
H2O: because you know
I created a fun little cycle survival kit for emergency use. I carry my U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners, plus some tissues, pain relievers, tea bags and deodorant. The tea bags are great to carry around  because you can easily ask any coffee shop for a free cup of hot water! Plus all the other junk candy I can fit in that teeny tiny little bag:
As organized as the photos above look... this is actually what my bag will end up looking like:
 I prefer fun silly totes to keep my spirits high and how cute are these adorable pineapples:
How do you survive your cycle? I'd love to hear your best tip or favorite brownie recipe!
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