THE pepper EXPRESS: Take Me Out to the 'Ports' Game!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Take Me Out to the 'Ports' Game!

This past weekend we enjoyed a local baseball game on the water front. I thought is was going to be hot and miserable. However, we had wonderful seats in a nice shaded area. This was Solin's first ball game and we tried to treat her to some novelty food items like deep fried asparagus and peanuts... but she wasn't impressed. She preferred to walk around and say hello to everyone she would see...
Salt water sandals are the best:
Solin was flirting with the local authority. She would wave to an officer and say "Hi!" while batting her eyes. He ended up giving her a sticker... haha I remember getting these when I was little from my dad!
They melt my heart:
While walking around we found my auntie in the crowd:
The weather was just right:
Port of Stockton:
Three scoops for you and three scoops for me...
These salt water sandals are the best sandals! I wore them right out of the box and they were comfortable. Solin's are a little big for her but I know she will grow into them. 
I spent $8 on 4 pieces of asparagus. Then I gave one to Solin and she threw it on the ground! I was like... 'ummm... that was two dollars honey!'
This lady cracks me up everyday:
Tried to sneak a photo of Dean... But he knew what I was doing:
By the way the Ports WON!!!
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