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Monday, June 29, 2015

My Mom Uniform

Summer is in full swing and it is getting hot over here! Tomorrow it will be one hundred and six degrees out side! My poor baby has already suffered a heat rash because she decided to throw a tantrum when we were at an outside birthday party and her face and arms turned red and splotchy. She is also teething her sharp little canine teeth which has caused a mean fever too! Our weaning schedule has come to a halt because her comfort is being breast fed. She is fourteen months old and we were down to the night feeding... but this teething is causing us to jump back a few steps. Anyways, we have decided to wear as little as possible. Minimizing the layered effect and only wearing a summer dress and baby is wearing a cute and simple romper. I like putting comfortable rompers on Solin because they have three snaps on the bottom which allows the changing process to be fast and quick. And the fabric is nice a soft, which lets her skin breathe in the hot hot heat. I am thankful that we have our swimming pool, although, we don't have much shade on or over our pool. So we must slather on the sunscreen or hide under our picnic umbrella. Our sun hats come in handy too:

Mom Uniform
 (gifted from my best friend)

Baby's Outfit:

I think I might buy this dress in every color because the jersey knit is comfortable enough to wear it to work or even out to a farmers market. 
What is your summer Mom Uniform?

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