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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Life #Instagrammed

One of my favorite posts to do on Instagram is #TBT. According to Urban Dictionary and my 13 year old daughter it means "Throwback Thursday" and that's when I bring out the myspace photos. I no longer use my 'Myspace' profile anymore but it does store all of my old photos from way back when. Like this photo below. This photo was taken when I was eighteen and my family was about to take their road trip to Montana. This was supposed to be there final time at the Pacific Ocean... but since then we have made it a point to take them to the beach again and again. If you would like to find more #TBT photos check out my instagram @pepperexpress 
Solin loves the outdoors. She loves to run around in the grass or help grandpa water the lawn:
This phto below will be one for the books. Carlie graduated eighth grade last month and we had a fun graduation party with all of her fellow alumni:
Our trip to Water World California was a success:
On May 31st I ate a whole lot of donuts:
On June 1st I attempted to take on the Whole 30 Challenge. You can read about that right HERE!
We celebrated Father's Day... a couple times:
I want to say that this is one of my favorite photos of lil Solin Grey:
One of my very good friends Sarah has an adorable son named Hunter. Solin and Hunter have had a couple play dates within the last month.
Famers Market season is in full swing:
Jurassic Park and Solin called my dad 'Papa!'
We had a fun little Flag Day celebration:
Our pool is full with these little fish:
Solin and I have been living out of our Salt Water lately:
My little Solin is usually stuffing her face with some sort of baked good or corn... she loooves corn!
Our adventures in San Francisco can be viewed HERE!
I volunteered for a retreat hosted by A Blog About Love and I was thrilled to meet one of my favorite bloggers!
and how happy are we all when we know that Love wins:
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