THE pepper EXPRESS: Date Night at the Farmers Market

Friday, June 5, 2015

Date Night at the Farmers Market

Technically my husband and I have not had a dinner alone with out the baby since before she was born. True Story. We have gone to friends Halloween Parties and Birthday Parties without Solin. But last night was the first time we actually sat down for a nice dinner alone in over 437 days!
When it comes to good food, my husband and I become snobs. It's sad but it's true. We find our favorite places and stick with them. And Alebrijes is one of them. My husband is vegan and I am on whole30; Alejibres was able to accommodate both of our specific requests and more.
If you ever get the chance to visit Alejibres you must try their seasonal guacamole! Sometimes they put watermelon in their guac and other times they put pomegranate seeds or even apple chunks! The flavor is intensified and taste like a jolly rancher candy! When you order the guacamole they wheel over this little cart and make it in front of you:
We started our date night off rather early. Early enough to be in Downtown Lodi before the Farmers Market started. Which allowed us to goof around with the Seward Johnson statues randomly placed along School Street. I was so excited that they decided to expand the exhibit and bring it back to Downtown Lodi. They really give a majestic feel to down town; when you are walking around and see a mariachi band frozen in time:
Another great thing about arriving before the crowd... you get the boutiques to yourself:
The woman perched on her bench near the Downtown Lodi Visitors Center was my favorite. She looked life like and I tried to recreate a modern version of her:
Going to a matinee on a Thursday afternoon means you get the theater to yourselves:
Just be careful not to get a ticket from the Seward Johnson Police officer. Remember to park in the correct and authorized parking spots!
Here we are again; in the season of the Farmers Market. Where you can get your produce from local farmers and friends around. I have always found the produce display so beautiful. In my opinion it feels like natural art:
Since I am surviving the Whole30 , I found everything at the Downtown Lodi Farmers Market to my liking:
The strawberries equals dessert for me!
The squash, eggplant, and bell peppers are for a future recipe of Ratatouille which will be featured on the blog soon!
Lodi will forever be my home town. I will always venture back here to feel nostalgic. I love coming back and seeing familiar faces and saying hi to old friends.
Hope to see you next Thursday from 6-8 in Downtown Lodi?
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