THE pepper EXPRESS: Adventures at Waterworld California!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Adventures at Waterworld California!

What an incredible weekend. We took the family to Waterworld California and we had a blast. There was something for everybody. I like the thrill seeking rides like Break Point Plunge, while every body else likes the Tornado and Hurricane. We even had Dean in the lazy river. And little Solin was able to plash around Treasure Island which is specifically for little ones! We used the Calypso Cabanas which was perfect for our family. It allowed Solin to take a nap and Dean and Carlie to relax while we ran around the park:
The Calypso Cabanas felt like a dream we had our own inner tubes and they even cateredt o our every need. We had waiters come up to us and ask for our orders. We had to have the pizza because two hours in and we were famished!
I went straight to the Break Point Plunge. I was a little nervous but knew it was going to be epic.
What a ride! In this photo you can see my leg up high on the green slide. I tried to listen to the instructions: Cross your legs and Cross your arms. But it was so fun I totally forgot!
Another incredible ride was the Big Kahuna:
The Lil' Kahuna Waterworks was a great place to have Solin and Dean splash around.
Isn't she a doll:
And after riding a few rides we were able to go and hang out in the Cabana and rest awhile:
I bought some cute flip flops before we left. I had lost my sandals during a previous trip so I wanted to have inexpensive shoes that were waterproof and I was able to find some HERE & HERE!
Our little Miss Solin was Queen of our Calypso Cabana she had so much fun saying 'Hi" to our neighbors:
And she even went shopping for her very own life vest:
She was also very interested in trying to crack the code on these lockers:
Carlie and her sweet tooth found Sandy's Candies full of delicious treats:
The best thing about the park is there are life guards on duty all day every day. They are very observant and make me feel comfortable.
When you are enjoying fun in the sun make sure you reapply your sunscreen multiple times during the day just in case. I brought some of my favorites:
And of course Solin prefers the Honest Sunscreen above all
Getting some rays... but not too much!
Overall we had such a tremendous time.  And if you would love to visit Waterworld California make sure to use the code: 20FamilyFun during check out at to get $13 off of your tickets!
What water slide are you going to ride?

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