THE pepper EXPRESS: A San Francisco Treat

Friday, June 26, 2015

A San Francisco Treat

December 26th, 1998 the day after Christmas my little sister Katie and I walked to our neighborhood park to play. I was 12 and my sister was 8. I brought along my brand new walk-man and I listened to my radio recorded mix tape I had made... which included Will Smith's "Men In Black!" I thought I was so cool walking around singing " Here come the MEN IN BLACK..." As I sat down on my picnic blanket watching my younger sister use the play ground like a jungle gym. I saw two other girls using the slides and playground bridge as their skating arena. I thought they were the coolest. So I asked them what their names were... "Sarah and Carly." And they taught me how to skateboard on their rinky dinky penny skateboard ...(I wish we still had that skateboard!) We immediately became best friends. I asked them if they wanted to spend the night for a sleep over. Since we had just met, of course our parents had to meet too... and there after Sarah and Carly would spend the night almost every weekend! Here we are seventeen years later and Sarah is still my best friend. I am sad to say that we are no longer in touch with Carly. But Sarah will always be that best friend who is always there, even in the back ground. 
I had to give you our back story before I gave you this story and why San Francisco is so important to us. When we were teenagers we thought San Francisco was THE CITY to go to. We would sneak out at ten o'clock at night and drive from the valley all the way to the bay area. (My parents don't even know this!) We would drive around the deserted streets of San Francisco and test our anti-lock breaks on the vast hills and the one way streets of Pacific Heights. All the bathrooms were closed because of the ungodly hour. Only fast food restaurants were open and we had the time of our lives. San Francisco was our play ground and the fact that we live over an hour away from the city; we still don't visit it enough these days. This past weekend I invited Sarah to accompany me on a Bakery Run to pick up baked goods from the ferry building for a resent retreat... and that she did. We drove into the city with Solin in tow and parked in a high rise parking garage that cost way too much and headed out into the perfect bay weather of San Francisco:
Being stuck in her car seat for over an hour I let her play around in front of the Ferry Building at Sue Bierman Park. That's where we found one of those inhabitable street bathrooms that wash them selves. When your best friend is pregnant and needs to go potty you do what you gotta do...
The Ferry Building is full of beautiful splendor that I love. The architecture of the building is astounding. And all of the little shops inside are my all time favorite. Even outside on the pier is breathtaking:
This is usually how you can find me:
I try and capture as much as I can of Solin on social media. My family in Montana lives so far away and the only way they get to see Solin is through my instagram feed or even my vines.
If you get to visit the Ferry Building on a Tuesday or Saturday morning this whole courtyard is full of delicious produce from the valley and local farms:
But Solin prefers to use the courtyard as her own personal speedway in pushing her stroller. Mind you, she will throw a fit if I help her:
I wish I had a green thumb to keep succulents alive:
Mariposa Bakery was requested for a retreat hosted by A Blog About Love and I highly recommend their gluten free pastries. 
We walked away with 10 vanilla cupcakes, tea cookies, solana cookies, chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies and three loafs of bread. And everything was delicious!
After the Ferry Building we walked over a mile to Union Square where we found some food and coffee.
This gorgeous BUG was FOR SALE and I want it!
I order a pastrami panini with a side of my baby taking a nap:
And how happy is this girl! She got her steak and caesar salad!
Where are your favorite places to visit in San Francisco? 
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