THE pepper EXPRESS: Running around DISNEYLAND for 24 hours

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Running around DISNEYLAND for 24 hours

We had originally planned on driving to Anaheim for the Disneyland's 60th Anniversary 24 hour kick off party. However our plans were delayed until the next day. Luckily they did because Disneyland had reach capacity by 10:30 am that day. So instead we created our own girls trip that last for 24 hours. We left our quiet little homes at 12 midnight on Friday night and drove straight down to Anaheim. We arrived a little after 5 am. People were just leaving the 24 hour event and walking in to Denny's looking completely delusional. Walking into Denny's at 5:30 am was a bad idea because our wait ended up being over an hour for our food and we were really hungry! Then we drove to the Disneyland Parking garage and had to wait an additional 45 minutes to get in...
But the excitement of being in Disneyland overcame any disappointment after we learned that parking was free because of the 60th Anniversary celebration. We parked in the Pinocchio parking lot and took the tramway into Downtown Disney.  
The day after the 24 hour event had a postponed opening of 9 am. I was a little disappointed at the crowds who surrounded us, but hey it was memorial weekend one of the busiest times of the year and we were at DISNEYLAND.... every reason to by happy.
The wait times in California Adventure were a dream! We used the Ride Max software to plan our day and everything went swell. 
We are avid pin collectors and we had to find some pin worthy souvenirs so we could remember the 60th Anniversary. Just a recommendation if you are a Disney pin trader like we are; I do recommend that you invest in the pin locks. During our trip we lost an expensive pin, in which my friend Jessica had to replace her classic Minnie & Mickey. 
I was thrilled to meet Sully from Monster Inc. He gave me a high five and I felt like I was a six year old again! 
Cars Land is new to me. Since I grew up with Disneyland, California adventures opens up a completely different level of excitement for me. To experience Route 66 and every thing Pixar goes along with everything I anticipated it to be. 
One of my biggest recommendations to give when you visit California Adventures: The first thing you must do when you walk through the gates... Run and go get a fast pass for Radiator Springs!!! We walked into the park at 9 am and still received a fast pass for 11:10 am. 
After all of the running around I was famished. I had worked up an appetite and I was willing to pay any amount for a delicious treat. During my research for California Adventures I had found out about the Cozy Cone in Cars Land. Everything I had read recommended the Chili 'CONE' Queso... and it was incredible!
There were other options available in an edible cone. Like the Chili Verde and the Bacon Mac n Cheese... which we all taste tested:
I believe in SPF and reapply it constantly!
"Hey that's GOOFY!!!"
Our trips not over yet... I have a ton of silly photos... more to come 

PS: I bought my Minnie Mouse Blouse HERE & HERE, My Overalls are from HERE, and my Salt Water Sandals are from HERE
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