THE pepper EXPRESS: Patrick's Point

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Patrick's Point

After my sisters graduation this past weekend she had plans to go do some fun stuff with her friends and we had the afternoon to ourselves. My husband had researched state parks in the area and found that Patrick's point was most recommend. The drive wasn't to far about 30 minutes outside of Eureka. We found ourselves a hiking trail that led to a tree covered village that was very picturesque. The Sumeg Village represented the Yurok tribe and consisted of three plank houses that host educational activities. During the 2 mile hike we found wild life that consisted of a one year old throwing a temper tantrum that looked like this:
And you can see the indigenous white man in his polo apparel getting ready for some bird watching:
The day before Solin had spent over 5 hours in the car, in which we had stopped every two hours to let her stretch her legs. So today we let her run around like a little bear cub while her mama watch intently.
The meadow was full of a beautiful lush landscape which allowed us to be free and run around having fun. 
The entry way into the plant house was smaller than a sewer hole. Luckily we were able to manage getting in:
Once you were inside the hut there was a huge fire pit that consumed the room and there was a massive echo that Solin enjoyed:
The room was quite interesting. There was a walk way that in-closed the fire pit. And a handmade stair case that led to the bottom of the room.  
We didn't spend too much time in the plank house as I was getting a little claustrophobic. Instead we took it upon our selves to climb on everything else:
The 2 mile hike was easy enough for Solin to walk by  herself, no stroller needed, but if you wanted to the hike is wheel chair accessible. If you are ever in Northern California; I highly recommend walking through the nature walk along the shoreline. 

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