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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Give me a Burger... Now please!

6 am wake up call after driving 6 hours last night was not the best way to begin the day. I mean who has their graduation at 8 am in the morning? My sweet sweet little sister does. I am very very proud of her but when Homboldt State hosts their graduation at 8 am in the morning... people need to be prepared for this. Needless to say I wasn't having a good morning and technically I did wake up on the bad side of the bed/tent ... since we were camping :( I had forgotten my hair brush and a few toiletries so I felt as if I was roughing it! We made it to the ceremony with great timing. And thankfully my dad saved us a seat.
 But Solin decided she didn't want to hang out in bleachers, she wanted to go hang out with all of the other one year old kids in the field. That's what we did. We actually had a better view of my sister down there to:
After everyone's name has been said and all awards were given; the stadium turns into a theme park and there is not way to find your graduate. Thankfully we found our group next to the goal post and planned our dinner plans thereafter. At this point I was hangry...yup... Hungry and very Angry because I was hungry and I needed food asap or I was going to turn into the hulk... just maybe. Every other restaurant in the area was going to be crawling with families and graduates. So my sister recommended Toni's a place we had never heard of. And when she said they had burgers I was on my way...
They only accept cash so be prepared be for you go... and I was!
I planned on eating all of the fries...
Just kidding I only ordered this delicious burger and a peanut butter shake that I shared.
And Solin is amused at the thought of feeding me these days. She loves giving me spoon fulls of oatmeal and apple sauce. I would gladly take a french fry any day baby girl.
But when she tries and takes my peanut butter smoothie... that's when I question her
If you are ever in the Arcata area and need a burger break. Check out Toni's 24 Hour Restaurant and bring your pocket book!

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