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Friday, May 15, 2015

Camping at the BEACH

We are off on another road trip up the California coast to visit family. While we are up there we plan on camping at the beach. When you camp at the beach you have a completely different terrain from up in the mountains. The beach is full of sand and the misty air always makes your hair frizzy. So this time I am coming prepared. I will have a beanie for my bad hair day. Warm socks and gloves are required. A comfy pillow that I brought from home. And above all I will always recommend you bring long johns! I wear them when I go to bed. S'mores are my all time favorite camping tradition. But when you camp at the beach it's hard to gather wood or create a camp fire. So this year we are going to cheat and bring along a fun little kit that has the fire included. And if any one is bored I will challenge them to a fun game of speed! Just looking at this wishlist makes me want to climb into my sleeping bag. Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Stay warm!
Camping at the BEACH

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