THE pepper EXPRESS: Avenue of the Giants

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Avenue of the Giants

On our drive home from Humboldt my husband made sure we took a detour. The drive through the Avenue of the Giants was breath taking. The shadows that were displayed along the roadside carried a scent that blew in the wind. We drove with our windows down and the baby sleeping. No need for the radio or audio books. Just the pure sound of the trees.
Once Solin awoke from her nap we found a quaint little town called Pepperwood where we decided to take a fun little hike.
During the hike we let Solin pet the ferns and flowers. Most of the time she wanted to pull them. When I told her not to do that... this is the face she made:
There were a few natural obstacle courses along the way and I decided to conquer them
Doesn't she look too cool for school in this photo:
When you would look up into the sky the trees had no end and the root systems were startling.
But the meadows were my favorite:
It was an extremely long 2.5 mile walk. Solin decided she wanted a snack along the way:
Clover Aisle:
She was one happy camper when we were done with our hike... That face right the best!

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