THE pepper EXPRESS: Agate Beach

Friday, May 22, 2015

Agate Beach

After our little hike through Patrick's Point we drove a little further into the State Park and found another walk to Agate Beach.  We found these strange creatures that had washed up on the shore. After much googling we found out that they are called Velella. They had a blue slimy consistency and I preferred not to touch them. But they were gorgeous in color.  
I love find treasures on the beach. There are always interesting specimens and gems to find. Instead of taking a souvenir with me; I decided to take photos of the beautiful pebbles:
I feel at home when I am at the beach. And I love it when my baby girl gives me hugs like this:
Another interesting specimen of driftwood:
A closer view of the Velella:
Walking around at the beach gets tiresome. I can understand why Solin wanted to stop and play in the sand. She had difficulty walking through the sand but it was just so adorable:
I let her walk far enough, but not too far...
The hike down to the beach was easy... but the walk up was much anticipated. We did not bring a backpack carrier for Solin. Instead we switched back and forth on who held her along the trail. 
Don't let your eyes deceive you, because this picture was our hike... straight up the hill
Thanks Agate Beach for my leg work out for the day. 

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