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Friday, May 29, 2015

Running around DISNEYLAND for 24 hours: PART 2

"Here we go loopty loo. Here we go loopty li.
Here we go loopty loo. All on a Saturday night!"
Check out Part One HERE

Completely in our own world; dazed and confused from no sleep. We took it upon ourselves to hang out in Disney's Grand California Hotel Lobby; where the piano played a continuum of beautiful ballads and we rocked ourselves to sleep next to the fire.  After 2 pm we found our way back to Downtown Disney wear we hit La Brea Bakery and found ourselves some comfort food and a caffeine boost. 
A much needed caffeine boost!
Onward to Disneyland we go... 
One of my family's traditions is to get a silhouette done at this adorable boutique on main street. About four years ago I had Carlie and Dean's silhouette done.
The advertisement for the new movie Tomorrowland was perfect timing with the release. Our only disappointment was that we really wanted to by a commemorative pin like the one in the movie!
It is very difficult to get a photo of the castle without people. One year my family and I were the first people to enter the park. Everyone was running to the rides and we stopped in the middle of the castle entrance and took a priceless photo with absolutely no one around. Another photo opportunity is when every one is leaving the park... try and be one of the very last people out. So you can get a marvelous photo of the castle lit up at night.
Here is a photo of myself and all of the other tourist who were celebrating the 60th anniversary:
One of the best most memorable rides is Pirates of the Caribbean! I will wait in that line for 45 minutes just to see those whistling jail birds trying to get the keys! I also completely love the smell of the ride. Weird? But that ride has a magnificent smell of must and antiquity that you can't get anywhere else!
Jessica's pins... in which she replaced after losing the top one!
And these sunglasses belonged to my friend Jessica. But I had to steal them for this photo opp! I tried finding them, but the only place I could find similar sunglasses was HERE & HERE
Funny story about this door... I would knock on it... and then a ghost would knock back. I was thrilled with excitement. Because waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean can sometimes take a while. So you need to humor yourself. Anyways I would even do the secret knock and each and every time I would get a response. Lo and behold there was an adjacent door on the other side of the line where other Disneylanders were playing along with me.... such a silly notion but I truly thought there was some magic involved!
Of all the food you could ever eat at Disneyland; I would highly recommend the Blue Bayou. The best Monte Cristo sandwiches in all the land. Plus the ambiance of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride adds a spectacular edge to your dinner. You must request a reservation far in advance. Because they were completely booked for our visit. 
And of course the high and mighty Sleeping Beauty Castle decorated with gleaming diamonds for the 60th Anniversary:
To the right you can see the people waiting in line with the strangest look on their faces... I was really trying with all of my strength to lift that sword out of that stone! I had seen it happen before... however I wasn't the chosen one.
Once we reached ToonTown my brain felt like that population sign... completely rambled. So after that point the only reason to go to ToonTown is to have fun and be quirky:
I was missing Solin like crazy. I had only left Solin twice in her life and both times were for Disneyland. Selfish I know, But that summer I took my brother Kyle to Disneyland to celebrate his eighteenth birthday and you can check out that post HERE
Anyways, I was feeling completely guilty of not having my little one year old with me... so I bought a customized Mickie Ear Hat just for her:
I also tried to Disneybound it... I tried to be Ellie Fredericksen from UP. With the help of others I was able to get this pin attached to my overalls
Also kudos to Disneyland for this amazing ride:
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage!
Taking a ride on the monorail:
I always get stuck when I want to buy souvenirs. I asked myself "Do you need this?" "Where will it got when you get home" "Is it necessary?" Both of these items were souvenirs I was contemplating but decided I didn't need them... mainly because of their cost!
I always want to buy a balloon too...
Around 7 pm we took the tram back to the Pinochio parking lot and took a quick nap and freshened up a little to prepare ourselves for the rest of the night. We had a fast pass for Soarin' Over California and decided to hit Cars Land one more time:
Doesn't it look majestic at night?
We bought a quick treat at the cozy cone..
At this point I was exhausted. I wanted my bed.
I didn't have any more energy left to take anymore photos... this was the last one of the trip:
Overall is was a trip that created amazing memories! I will always remember our girls trip to celebrate Disneyland's 60th Anniversary. Now I am going to go back to work and dream about my next Disneyland vacation!

PS: I bought my Minnie Mouse Blouse HERE & HERE, My Overalls are from HERE, and my Salt Water Sandals are from HERE

My Life #Instagrammed

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One of the best bowlings nights I have ever attended... maybe it was because my baby joined us. She ended up being my good luck charm. And did you know that you can Barbecue Pizza?
A little mommy time and then how cute are babies in overalls:
Mr. Dean wrapped Solin in a robe and carried her around the house like this: Reminded me of this movie HERE
I really really tried to keep up with my Project 52...
My best friend accompanied me to a fantastic Blogher event:
and I was interviewed!
This month feels like the month of road trips but we made it happen:
My little sister graduated from Humboldt State:
My new favorite Dutch Brother's Coffee, which can only be found in Northern California.
And I was extatic to receive Cupcakes and Cashmere's BirchBox this month!
I have a couple intersting recipes roaming around my blog HERE & HERE
And while I cook... Little miss Solin makes a mess

But how can you say no to that face?
We also visited my friend Sandi in Ukiah and I invested in some Salt Waters HERE & HERE
Our Disneyland 24 hour stunt felt like a dream... technically it was... because we needed the sleep!
Love these ladies:
And the best for last... our Carlie Rae graduated eighth grade with High Honors and Valedictorian:
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