THE pepper EXPRESS: Three Generations

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Three Generations

While my mother was in town last week, we set up an appointment with Jamie Hendricks Photography in Lodi, CA (our home town) and took some wonderful photos of all three of us. My aunties were there too and they also had a photo shoot. It was wonderful seeing all of the sisters in one place at the same time. I truly love my aunts and they are wonderful role models for me and my baby. With all of us together Jamie snapped some wonderful photos in Downtown Lodi. She caught some amazing photos of Solin sneaking around with the suitcase. I know these photos will be cherished forever:
I am my mother's first born and Solin is my first born. Here we have three generations in one photo:
We walked around the train station which was picturesque. And took some lovely photos for Solin who just turned ONE!
The best for last  #MommyAndME

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