THE pepper EXPRESS: The Color Fun Fest

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Color Fun Fest

I wish I could say that I don't remember the exact date in which I ran the 5k, because I haven't blogged about it. But with the big white rabbit hanging out in the photos I know for sure it was Easter Sunday. A couple months ago when I signed up for the run I didn't know it was going to be on Easter. And Easter is special to our family and we live to celebrate it. We were able to squeeze our family in and also run the 5k in the same day. I also signed Carlie and Dean up with me. it was a great price and I know they would enjoy it. We prepared our own white t-shirts with stickers thinking that they would stick... but that didn't happen. It was a great way for me to spend time with Carlie and Dean and I never knew that they loved running this much.
Before the 5K begins there is a fun concert that goes on. Where they give out fun prizes and also allow you to throw your color up in the air. I was a little disappointed because you had to pay extra for a color packet for the kids. When I ran the Sacramento Color Run we received a bunch of swag for the same price! But the kids had fun anyways.
I am always surprised to see all the children running. But then again it is a 5K and Carlie told me that's what she usually runs in P.E.
Dean's goal during the run was to keep his tshirt WHITE... so he stayed out of the madness.
We found some horse stalls on our run and had to stop and take some pictures:
The race ended at sunset and we had an incredible view while throwing our color around. 
I was also celebrating my new DOMAIN NAME!!!
I was completely covered from head to toe... and Dean found some color along the way.

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