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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Cleaning with Fabuloso®

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Last year during spring break, I was pregnant and when the spring cleaning epidemic was going around, I was too round to do anything. Thankfully my husband did all the nesting for me… and that’s no joke. My husband was my Cinderella for a time being. Now this year I have a one year old toddler running around and making the cutest most disturbing messes you can’t even imagine. My biggest fear with cleaning products is the harmful chemicals that can be unhealthy for our lungs. And usually there is a lingering smell that I can’t handle. When I was at Walmart the other day I found a multi-purpose cleaner with a terrific smell of lavender. Fabuloso® offers a long lasting scent that allows you to have cleaner floors and even allows the baby to be indoors while you clean. I needed an all purpose cleaner to attack our oven, toilets, and those pesky corners and door jams.
Spring cleaning is the time of year when you are supposed to clean the things you don't do on a daily basis. Here is a list I have gathered for the spring cleaning season:
-Wipe down any surface areas that need extra attention
-Give your cupboards a good scrub. You never know what lingers on your kitchen cabinets
-Scrub your appliances and give them a good shine with a multi-purpose cleaner.
-Mop your floors or if necessary get on your knees and give that grout a good scrub.
-Take a good wash cloth and focus on the walls, mainly the corners and door jams.
Living Room
-Wash the curtains and/or blinds. And wipe down the window seals.
-Move your furniture around and vacuum the places you usually don’t.
-Wipe the baseboards with a scrub brush if you don’t do it on a weekly basis.
-Organize and dust you entertainment center.
-Steam clean carpets if you have them. Otherwise fix any scratches on your hardwood floors.
-Take your quilts or down comforters to the dry cleaners.
-Possibly buy new pillows if you have had your pillows longer than a year or two.
-Move your bed so you can vacuum the random spots you usually don’t.
-Take this time to do your laundry. Fold and mend items you haven’t seen in a while.
-Organize your closet to allow your spring wardrobe to look nice.
-Scrub out your bathtub and shower floors.
-Give your toilet a good wipe down. Behind where you don’t usually look!
-Wipe down the cupboards, walls and door jams.
-Wash and organize all of your towels.
Laundry Room
-Organize your laundry detergents and fabric softeners.
-Mop your laundry room floor.
-If necessary clean out any lint that has accumulated behind your dryer
-Make sure you have a garbage can for your lint.
-Organize any papers laying around.
-Scan any items you might need later.
-Shred any items you don’t need.
-Give the baseboards and corners some attention by wiping them to look appropriate.
-Wash off the porch.
-Wipe off your outdoor furniture and get everything ready for spring.
-Look around and find any pesky weeds that need to go.
-If you have a power washer take it to the outside of your house and give it a new look.
When I use Fabuloso® Multi-purpose Cleaner I like to use about half a cup of the solution with warm water in a gallon size bucket. I personally like the scent of Lavender, but there are other options like Fabuloso® Multi-purpose Cleaner Spring Bloom. You can find a variety of scents on special end caps in Walmart stores this week or check out their site:

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