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Monday, April 20, 2015

My life #Instagrammed

I have this Instagram folder on my phone that collects all of my photos. Sometime when I run out of room on my iPhone I must go through and delete photos. And I have such a huge anxiety over deleting photos of my baby. I don't know why but I do. So when I can I will share them with you... just so I can keep and extra copy of that adorable photo on my blog archives... just in case Instagram ever decides to go kaput!
Solin's First Birthday Photos on the blog HERE
We were in Downtown Lodi and Solin was strutting her stuff

After her birthday daddy says it's ok for her to have ice cream now

We had a busy night when we went to REI and Sam's Club in one commute.

Our Easter Sunday was the best

On a recent trip to Barnes & Noble Solin was giving away free hugs to random kids

Our Horse Shows and living on a Ranch for the week
And of course if a little girl is going to be walking around on a ranch she needs to have a pair of Wellies:
Get these Hunter Boots HERE!

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