THE pepper EXPRESS: iPhone Camera Roll

Saturday, April 4, 2015

iPhone Camera Roll

 I get so upset when I will take a precious moment photo of my little lady and then the photo turns out like this:
I rarely keep my Canon with me. And when we are on the go I like to take snap shots of Solin doing everyday things like buying a backpack or letting her play house in the middle of an aisle in REI. After taking the photos I usually give myself a minute to post them or send them to my family up in Montana. But when the photos come out fuzzy or fury like these... I don't know how to fix them? I know these photos would have been wonderful... because look at that genuine smile of hers up there 
And when did she grow up so fast. It's like she just had her first birthday and now she looks like a toddler on her first day of school:
Does any body have any iPhone recommendations?

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