THE pepper EXPRESS: Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

I feel like this Easter was Solin's true first Easter. Because last year she was only 20 days old and was hardly aware of the fact that we were also running her first 5k. (More of that post Here) Since she is a March baby spring is definitely her season. She loves being outside and watching the hummingbirds fly around and picking flowers. 
While celebrating our Easter egg hunt she was picking up rocks and stones instead of finding the eggs. Here are some of our photos from our Easter Sunday that I wanted to share with you:
Of course you need to hide an Easter egg in an abandoned nest!
And for the older kids I had to hide the eggs in difficult spots:
They did their final count of who found the most money. There was some disappointment but we just needed to remember the reason for the season!
and those bunny ears didn't last long!

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