THE pepper EXPRESS: Bowling Buddies

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bowling Buddies

When Friday night came around and we didn't have our older kids with us, we all decided to go B O W L I N G. 
I don't think I have told any of you before but my husband is kind of a bowler. He grew up in a bowling family. And our kids are destined to become pro bowlers. No joke. Before I met my husband Carlie & Dean were avid bowlers and they would bowl at least once or twice during the week on their own bowling league! Now I am not a bowler... I am a poor sport. And when I must bowl with my husband I get very discouraged. He can easily bowl over a 200, I try and get at least 100 with bumpers...just kidding on the bumpers. This time we made teams Boys vs Girls. 
We also had Solin with us. Who was very intrigued with the bowling balls. She doesn't really now that she is a bowler by blood. 
During my turn Solin would run up to me and follow along while I walked down the lane.
Turns out Solin is my little Good Luck Charm
Sometimes while I bowled we would hand Solin off to our friends. She loved it. Even though she was being passed around she was still the center of attention.
We have a rocking horse at home. She doesn't know how to climb up on the horse but when I placed her on this mechanical horsey she started to kick her legs as if she was riding. It comes natural to her. 
Official Bowling Buddies:
After our games we noticed we had collected quit a few bowling balls. If you want to know the pink 8 pounder was mine!
We lasted until about 9:30 pm and that's when Solin knew it was her bedtime. This is when she only wants her mommy and it just makes me feel like the prize.
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