THE pepper EXPRESS: Another Day Another Horse Show

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another Day Another Horse Show

I am really proud of Carlie, she is an outstanding student and she has achieved high standards with her K9 dog training. While juggling band and all of the above she has managed to take her horse Sassy out to the Ione Equestrian Center for a Barrel Race. Going to an event like this takes a lot of preparation. I was able to join Carlie half way through her event and she woke up around 6 am to prepare for her long day at the show.  We came with snacks and chairs, but we forgot the umbrella and sunscreen. It was a hot day out in the country. We found shelter under the multi-purpose center around 2 pm. 
One thing we learned: you need to wear proper attire and jeans with holes are not appropriate! Carlie had to duck tape her jeans!!
Solin's vocabulary is increasing everyday. However she thinks that chihuahuas are cats and horses are dogs?
While waiting around for each event Solin and I would explore the grounds and we found a herd of cows. And of course Solin thought they were dogs...
While cheering on Carlie during her events; Solin yelled "ARLIE" a couple times. 
She also said "Hi" to every stranger along the line...
Carlie ranked in different categories and took home a couple first place ribbons! She is a strong girl and knows what she's doing. Good Ride Carlie!

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