THE pepper EXPRESS: A day at the Lake

Friday, April 3, 2015

A day at the Lake

After our photo shoot with all of my aunts and my mother we decided to go and relax at the lake. Along the Mokelumne River in Lodi, CA there is lakefront park with a picnic area that is fit for our family. Lodi Lake offers a great atmosphere that is family oriented and is where I grew up. I have had birthday parties and scavenger hunts in the park. Last year I even ran a my very first 5k with my little one... technically she was in her stroller but you can visit that post HERE. I love taking Solin to all of the places I grew up... 
 doesn't she look adorable in that little seat the is just perfect for her:
We had to get Solin this whirly hose. When we were in the store she was fascinated with the sound it makes. She also like to use the hose as a blow horn or a telephone!
And it only takes about 45 minutes before she is covered in dirt
You can always check out the website for Lodi Lake and find out about the nature programs and their boathouse!

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