THE pepper EXPRESS: 5 Tips for Finding Me Time

Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Tips for Finding Me Time

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Being a new mom and working full time sometimes it's hard to find a balance. I work 40 hours a week and on the weekends we are usually on the go go go. There is always an event or a scheduled appointment that usually takes up most of my weekend. This past weekend I made sure to schedule time just for my self. No husband and no kids. Saying that makes me feel guilty but it was definitely needed. 
On my way out I stopped by Walmart to grab a few necessities and upon checking out I knew I needed something chocolatey. So I found Skinny Cow® Blissful Truffle Candy Bars, which comes in two flavors – Milk and Dark Chocolate. 
So when life is hectic and overwhelming and you need to take time to focus on yourself. Take some of my advice...Here are a few tips for finding time for yourself:

#1 Schedule It
You will not have time to yourself if you do not communicate and schedule the time. Make sure your family is well aware of your idea. Instead of disappearing for an hour at a time. They need to know your well being. And communication is key in any situation. Even if you schedule a manicure or pedicure for yourself. It's worth it and you know it's needed. 
#2 Make A List
I am a big list maker. I have my grocery list, my to do list, and even a diaper bag packing list! If you are going to have time for yourself make a list of things you would like to do. Take a bath, go to the library, or even go and feed the ducks at your local lake. There is a plenty of things that you can do for yourself. Take the time and make a list!
#3 Unplug
No phone, No computer and No television. Even if it is just for an hour. Put that phone away and enjoy the grass and the leaves blowing in the wind. It's fascinating the things you can discover by taking a daily walk or going to the park and reading by yourself. That's what I did. I grabbed a Truffle Candy Bar and my new book and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon to myself:
#4 Indulge
That me time that you are scheduling better be worth it. Grab something that you want to savor. Take this time and enjoy every minute of it. In the mornings I try and catch up on all of my emails. But truly I need to set my device aside and have a Skinny Cow® Creamy Iced Coffee. You can find them available in three delicious flavors: Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte & Creamy Cappuccino in the refrigerated section in Walmart. Or go here:
 #5 Change Your Scenery
If you are in a rut or having a bad day leave your daily schedule and do something different. Whether it is driving to a different grocery store or trying a new restaurant. Make your time visually appetizing. 
When my family and I were on our 6 week U.S. road trip, it was very difficult to have any alone time when you are in car with 4 other people. But occasionally we would stop in a Walmart and buy a treat. I like to use that scenario when I am out and about and running errands. If I grab a new flavored ice cream treat while driving around I am instantly in a better mood. I recently tried a Skinny Cow® Vanilla Almond Crunch Bar and I was ready to conquer my to do list. 
There are many things that you can get out there and have time for yourself. Don't feel guilty about it. Everyone needs there own time otherwise we would all go crazy.
Be sure to check out more deliciousness from Skinny Cow at Walmart. I'd love to hear your favorite Skinny Cow treat!

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