THE pepper EXPRESS: We are going to play Tourist

Sunday, March 8, 2015

We are going to play Tourist

When my sister Raquel travels from Montana to California (every year) she usually has a list of things to do. This year San Francisco was on that list among sushi and other foodie delicious treats. After picking her up from the airport we ate lunch HERE and then traveled around the bay to have a peak at the Golden Gate Bridge. 
 Driving along the 101 you take Conzelman Rd and find yourself at Hawk Hill and you get to see this amazing view^^^
The red sand was not fun for Solin. She is an unbalanced walker at this point and every time she fell she would collect the red dirt and it would stain her clothes. We ended up dusting her off a couple times throughout the visit
Carlie Rae is always a big help. She is a wonderful big sister who is a great example for Solin. 
When you visit San Francisco try and get a view from the North and South ends... or if you're brave enough walk across the windy bridge

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