THE pepper EXPRESS: Tour of CSU, Chico

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tour of CSU, Chico

My sister in law was accepted into Chico State two years ago. And since she moved so far away, every now and then we like to drive up and visit her. By the end of this year our oldest son Dean will be a sophomore and our Carlie Rae will be a Freshman in High School! Their interest in college has peaked since both of them have joined the AVID program at their High School. Driving up to Chico State was exciting for them because their Auntie Bri was going to give them a Campus tour:
My sister in law Briana was full of interesting facts and the kids were intrigued by each and every detail as if there was going to be a pop quiz at the end of the tour. 
Solin couldn't care any less about the campus tour. She liked watching the trees and squirrels that jumped out of every bush.
One of my favorite Myths about Chico State is their time capsules. There is an Urban Legend that a Volkswagen is buried under one of these time capsules^^^
The art installation in front of Ayres Hall has a unique perspective. We were informed that this is art for the Blind which gave us a different approach. 
We looked with our hands instead of our eyes...
There are nine bridges on Campus... which makes for some quirky humor that their mascot is a wildcat...
The library was my favorite Building. The archetectue was very defined and it created such a beautiful site!
After the campus tour we walk around Downtown Chico and I was on a mission to find Powell's Sweet Shoppe:
Last time we visited Powell's we were in Novato!
Solin is 11 months old now and since she is about to hit that one year old milestone... 
she knows how to throw a tantrum!
If she doesn't get her way^^^
While walking Downtown you can find beautiful wall murals around every corner ^^^ This was my favorite!

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