THE pepper EXPRESS: The Palace of Fine Arts and some pizza

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Palace of Fine Arts and some pizza

 We are still playing tourist over here and this time we are looking at some fine art. The Palace of Fine art to be exact. What I find most interesting is this structure was originally created in 1915 but was rebuilt in 1965!?! While you walk around the beautiful exhibit there are many placards that detail the history of this glorious dome. And if you look really close you can see us taking our obligatory tourist photo:
The architecture is what gives me the chills. I like to stand in the very middle of the dome and look up... after a while I get dizzy and need to sit down :)
The Palace of Fine Arts used to be the home to The Exploratorium. They have relocated to Pier 15 and you can visit our adventure at The Exploratorium HERE.
<My lovely little daughters>
After walking around all day we knew we needed some comfort food and went to one of our favorite places to eat Tony's Pizza Napoletana. We have been here before and loved trying the unique flavors and creations they have. This time we wanted to try something different once again. 
The Nosferatu was very interesting. With every bite I was saying WOW! There are two very thin pieces of crust stacked with garlic, agave nectar, mozzerella, crushed red pepper, chives and maldon salt. With the salt sprinkled on top each and every bite is intensified and has such a sweet and savory taste. I was blown away by this pizza and would order it again and again if I could. 
My husband enjoyed the Detroit Style RED TOP pizza. When we took our road trip around the US we made sure to have pizza in Chicago. And this Red Top pizza was very close to that delicious pizza we had long ago.
If you are ever in Little Italy near Columbus Ave and Union Street. Or walking up the Coit Tower. Take some time our of your day and walk on over to Tony's Pizza Napoletana. Be careful because the wait time can exceed 2 hours. What we did was put our name and phone number on their list. Then we climbed the Coit Tower and once we received a text message that our table was ready we walked down the wonky stairs and found ourselves a comfortable booth to have some carb overloaded pizza!

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