THE pepper EXPRESS: Take me to China Beach

Monday, March 9, 2015

Take me to China Beach

My sister and family moved to Montana from California over nine years ago. I was left behind (just kidding that's another story) But every year they come out and visit during the spring or summer time. The main thing on their list of things to do is always the BEACH! Going to the beach in San Francisco is always iffy. You never know if it will be foggy or misty. And the wind is always prominent. Once we drove over that Golden Gate Bridge to see clear blue skies... we knew we were in for a treat. First we drove to Baker Beach which has an incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge. However it was a Saturday afternoon and prime real estate for beach goers. After driving through the Presidio and taking El Camino Del Mar we found a quaint little beach called China Beach: 
With a steep walk down from the parking lot you will find yourself near a sheltered sea cliff of sunbathing and picnic spots. My sister Raquel had her moment with the Pacific ocean...the very cold Pacific Ocean...
Of course I was prepared for the baby to play in the sun. I had packed her bathing suit, shorts and a sun hat. I just forgot to pack my beach gear. I was wearing jeans and a white tshirt... and no sandals! Next time I will be extra prepared and bring everything!
Solin is in her element when she is at the beach. She loves water a little too much that I am cautious whenever we are around a puddle of water.
While we splashed around in the cold cold water, Carlie relaxed and kept to our picnic spot on the beach:
It was a good day to catch some vitamin D at the beach

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