THE pepper EXPRESS: Sierra Nevada & Bidwell Park

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sierra Nevada & Bidwell Park

When ever my husband and I have a chance to go on a date or even when we would go to restaurants or Brewhouses pre-baby; I would always order a Pale Ale with my pizza and my husband would order a Long Island cocktail. When the waiter would deliver our drinks he would give my husband the beer and me the cocktail. We always laugh whenever this happened because my husband loves to order the frou frou drinks and I like to pair my drink with my food palate. Naturally when we planned our Chico trip I requested to have lunch at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company!  
We didn't take a tour because we had a couple of minors with us. But the taproom had a good view.
Having a baby in a restaurant always feels chaotic to me. I haven't quite adapted to her yelling and screaming while around a bunch of people. I often get nervous and take her for a walk. With her turning one at the end of this month, she is officially at the toddler status and you can see by this photo:
Some of my favorite samples:
There were four orders of the Bacon Burger and one order of the Greek Pizza. Which equals: four carnivores and one vegetarian who stands alone... sorry honey!
But the Bacon Burger was soooo worth it:
After taste testing the samples I went with my favorite the Pale Ale. What can I say I am a creature of habit. Other than the delicious beer... does your table ever look like this when you dine with a toddler? There were bite marks on the crayons, french fries on the floor, and baby toys scattered every where. Again new mommy here!
After visiting the Taproom at Sierra Nevada we ventured to Bidwell Park and decided to go on a fun little hike on the Yaho Trail which had a beautiful view of Big Chico Creek:
Spending time next to a river bed is not complete with out lessons on skipping rocks^
I am so proud of Solin. She is 11 months old and is strong willed and is a champ when it comes to hiking!
It was a beautiful day in Chico and I was so happy to spend time as a family without cell phones or Netflix. We need to go on more hikes like this:

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