THE pepper EXPRESS: My Sister Raquel is in HERE!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Sister Raquel is in HERE!!

We picked Raquel up at the Oakland Airport early this morning. She flew in from MONTANA for her spring break. I love it when my sister is in town, because the week is filled with tourist attractions and whenever I am around her we are full of energy and giggles!
After picking her up from the airport we were all soo hungry that we drove into Alameda and went to a wonderful restaurant my sister in law loves called La Penca Azul.
La Penca Azul has the largest Tequila collection in the Bay Area. And one of the best tasting margaritas with a cane sugar stick in it>>>
When we commute to the bay area, Solin is stuck in the car for an hour. So when we get out she loves to walk all over the place. Especially when she sees a Toy Store>>>
This next week is going to be full of adventures and tourist attractions.

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