THE pepper EXPRESS: My Mommy Your Grandma

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Mommy Your Grandma

Solin Grey is fortunate to have four grandmas and three of her great grandmothers in her life. She is spoiled by each and everyone of them. And if you had all of them in the same room I don't know what would happen. But the one grandmother that means the most to me is my mother. I was her first baby and Solin is my first. With my mother living so far away in the big sky country of Montana we only get to FaceTime once a week. We have reason to celebrate with Solin's first birthday coming up, so my mama/Solin's grandma came to town!
After picking her up from the airport we made another commute to the salty ocean for my mother to enjoy some of the Pacific! My mother was thrilled to see Solin waddle through the sand. Solin was courageous enough to go after a crab and seagull! It's not even summer and we have visited the ocean four or five times within the last month.... I'm not complaining.
That's three generations and one big ocean!

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