THE pepper EXPRESS: Hey Monterey!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hey Monterey!

While my sister Raquel was visiting she made sure that we took her to Monterey Bay. Usually when you live in California you get to take an elementary field trip to The Monterey Bay Aquarium, however poor Raquel was unfortunate to move to Montana in here younger years and that's where she now lives and resides. So when she visits sunny California we only make it the best we can.  
The tickets are a little pricey, it is always nice to know somebody who knows somebody and once you get into the aquarium you let lose and explore. Solin wanted to run around every where. But we had to keep our reigns a hold. She will be a toddler soon and who knows whats going on in that beautiful head of hers:
One of our favorite places to sit and watch in amusement is the open sea exhibit. Where you can look through one of the world's largest windows and watch sharks, turtles and tuna being fed.  
If you get a chance to catch the Kelp Forrest Feeding you will be entertained. I was unfortunately detained because Solin didn't really care about the kelp. She wanted to climb on the stairs and climb on the exhibits. It was exhausting:
I am always nervous about putting my hands into the touch pools. So I let dad take care of this one. Solin was all involved and loved feeling the different types of plants in the salt water. I was very thankful for the hand washing station near by:
This photo makes me laugh. Because we are at a tourist location and usually people speak different languages at said tourist locations. But Solin was sooo interested in hearing what they had to say:

Part Two coming soon...

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