THE pepper EXPRESS: Hey Monterey (Part Two)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hey Monterey (Part Two)

It takes a lot of energy to run around after an 11 month old. Throughout the whole aquarium she was after every exhibit and wanted to touch everything... which is a good thing... but in a museum we try and be a little respectful :) So after spending the morning roaming around The Monterey Bay Aquairum HERE, we took a lunch break and walked down Cannery Row. 
There are many many places on Cannery Row that serve a clam chowder bread bowl. A few restaurants were a little to fancy. And a few restaurants were a little too pricey. We ended up finding one that was just right at Sly Mcfly's. I liked dining here because I felt comfortable and Solin was able to run around and say "hi" to everyone... which is her new thing.
My sister wanted her novelty of fish and chips and we enjoyed a wonderful relaxing lunch inside of Sly Mcfly's. There is a courtyard located outside of the restaurant and Solin was very amused with the fountain and the pigeons! 
After our lunch break we went back to the aquarium and Solin had her lunch break while we watched the Jellies...
On the roof top, level 3, there is a great overlook of the bay. It was a little cloudy for us, but still a great view. 
We wanted to finish the day by relaxing on the beach. After driving south on highway 1 we found a small quaint beach called Monastery Beach and had some ice cream while we froze our butts off!

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