THE pepper EXPRESS: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Thank you California for giving us this beautiful weather. We are in the middle of February and we are blessed with this incredible 70 degree weather. With the three day weekend upon us, my husband and I grabbed a carload and we drove down to Santa Cruz for the day. There was no traffic and the crowds were imminent. We walked the boardwalk all the way through before we found a spot on the beach and plopped ourselves down in the sand and let the kids play all day: 
Last time I was in Santa Cruz, I was a newly wed and my friends took me for a fun little treat. It is tradition to get a funnel cake or a dipped cone. And this time my husband and I are on such strict diets that the billboards and advertisements looked delicious.
 I wanted to take the kids here this time because they had never been. We only had Dean & Solin once again because our little Carlie is very involved in her dog training. 
Solin surprises me each and every time we are at the beach. I know how much she loves playing in the bath at home, but she will spend as long as she can just splashing around in the water along the beach. 
She is a pro at walking now. But every now and then she gets a little wobbly: 
Just like her Daddy... Solin has a heart full of adventure...
And these are my boys. We had Uncle Carlos, Uncle Grant, My Husband (RJ), And Mr Dean:
I love when I can get a good photo of Dean. He is growing up so fast right now. Every week I feel like I am buying another pair of pants!
But then Mr Dean tried to bury his little sister...
and she was ok about it!

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