THE pepper EXPRESS: Almond Blossoms

Monday, February 23, 2015

Almond Blossoms

 Its officially starting to look like spring here in the central valley. There is no way around it. The Almond Blossom Festival was this weekend and that is just the beginning. Easter supplies are being sold in the stores. The bees are buzzing and the grass is a vibrant color of green. The only problem is that we need more rain! I am about to give in and do a little rain dance soon... because we are desperate.
On another note how beautiful are these blossoms? Last year when I was pregnant with Solin, I wanted to take my maternity photos in the almond blossoms. One day they were in full bloom and the next week they were gone. This year I took full advantage of these beautiful flowers and we had a photo session for Solin's First Birthday photos.... Yup my baby girl will be ONE next month! 
Trying to arrange my own photo shoot was a little difficult. I am thankful I had my husband there to help with those candid shots.
The weather was in our favor in the orchards. Once we arrived at the festival the clouds turned grey and the winds gained speed...
But the bakers did bake us a full batch of cannolis and they were delicious!!! 
Where I live a Lockeford Sausage is a local delicacy. Whenever there is a festival you can count on them to be there. If you are ever in the area you can also stop by there shop which is located HERE 

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