THE pepper EXPRESS: The Parker - Palm Springs

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Parker - Palm Springs

Mister Dean and I decided to take a wonderful bike ride around town. We made a pit stop for fries and ended up buying milk at the neighborhood Trader Joe's. But my true reason for the ride was to visit The Parker Hotel:
The lobby at The Parker was exactly what I was hoping for desert chic. 
Hugs not Drugs
Since we rode I bikes up the cobblestone pathway, we were greater by the valet. He was very geneourus and gave us all the information we needed. It was mid day and during that time we are able to explore the grounds. After checking in with the consierge, he gave us a map and directed us to the lemonade stand. I knew I had my eye on the lobby and the chess set...
There is no guided tour... so be careful not to get lost in this Labyrinth.
I can try and try again... but I will never beat my husband at chess :(

The luxury of the Parker is something to dream about we ended up riding our bikes back to our little cottages across the street ;)

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