THE pepper EXPRESS: Santa Monica - End of the Trail

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Santa Monica - End of the Trail

After six days and seven nights in Palm Springs I didn't want the vacation to be over. I knew we would drive through Los Angeles on our way back home, so I asked my husband if we could make a detour to Santa Monica.
It was a Friday afternoon and the crowds were thick. But it was just what I wanted... 75 degrees and sunny at the Beach. 
We have traveled around the United States. We have visited 36 states. When Solin touched the Atlantic ocean when she was three months old she cried :( Here she is nine months old and she was going for it:
and I think she took some sand home with her too:
This photo is my husband recreating my maternity photo... you can visit that post HERE
Some photos I am going to treasure forever
We tried to time the sunset. However we were informed that the visibility would be low because of the smog.
Thank you to my family for a wonderful summer vacation in the middle of winter.
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